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Five $100,000 Job Positions On The Rise In 2024

Technology is forever-changing which impacts the job market. Look for these new opportunities in 2024, and this is what they entail and what they pay!

Constantly morphing to accommodate the ever-evolving needs of our technological age, the job market continues to adapt with remote and online capabilities!

Traditional career paths remain valuable, but new opportunities are always opening up.

To be more exact, there are five niche positions that may not have come straight to mind, that earn at least $100,000 annually. Projected to stay in high demand throughout 2024, each role gives you a glimpse of the future.

i) Human-Machine Teaming Specialist (HMTS)

Did you know that the inspiration for HMTS principles can be traced back to fighter pilot teams? Just like fighter pilots rely on clear communication and coordinated maneuvers for success, these specialists aim to create similar seamless interactions between humans and AI in various settings.

They design user interfaces, communication protocols, and training programs that create smooth collaboration between humans and AI systems. Think of them as the architects who create the playbook for humans and AI to work together effectively.

The average salary for a Human-Machine Teaming Specialist in 2023 was around $120,000, which reflects high demand for their skills. From Tesla’s self-driving cars that are programmed to understand complex traffic scenarios, to surgical robots assisting surgeons in delicate operations, HMTS are at the forefront of this technological revolution. Salaries are only expected to increase!

ii) Cybersecurity Architect

Instead of physical structures, cybersecurity architects focus on digital infrastructure. They meticulously plan, implement, and monitor sophisticated security measures to shield networks, computer systems, and sensitive data from cyber threats.

These tech gurus stay abreast of the latest hacking techniques and vulnerabilities, constantly working to fortify digital defenses. It’s a demanding but rewarding field, with an average salary in the United States exceeding $129,000 last year (2023).

Sometimes, cybersecurity architects need to think like hackers themselves! Using ethical hacking techniques, they are trainedA to break into systems to identify weaknesses before malicious actors do. This proactive approach helps them stay one step ahead of cybercriminals and build even stronger defenses.

iii) Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain engineers are the architects of a revolutionary technology that’s transforming how we store and share information. Imagine a giant, digital ledger, constantly recording transactions and agreements securely and transparently. That’s essentially what a blockchain is, and blockchain engineers are the masterminds behind its design and development.

Along with writing software and designing secure systems, they oversee the operations of blockchain networks.

  • They might work on building cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but blockchain technology has far-reaching applications beyond finance.
  • For example, blockchain engineers can create secure platforms for tracking the movement of goods in a supply chain or storing medical records.

The demand for blockchain engineers is skyrocketing! Last year, the average salary for these specialists was over $100,000, making it a lucrative career path with lots of room for growth.

Blockchain technology can even be used to maintain the authenticity of diamonds! By tracking a diamond’s journey from mine to market, blockchain engineers can help eliminate conflicts diamonds and provide consumers with peace of mind.

iv) Augmented Reality (AR) Experience Designer

These tech-savvy creatives are the architects of a new frontier, and they develop interactive experiences which overlay digital information onto the physical world. Think virtual furniture you can place in your living room before you buy it, or historical landmarks coming alive with informative overlays on your phone screen.

Besides entertainment and e-commerce purposes, AR experiences can be used in scenarios you wouldn’t imagine at first.

  • For instance, farmers could use AR overlays to identify specific crop health issues.
  • Firefighters would be able to receive real-time building layouts during emergencies.

However, the role is more than just cool visuals. AR Experience Designers are problem-solvers, working alongside programmers and engineers to ensure these digital elements seamlessly interact with our environment. They understand user experience (UX) design principles, making sure that these AR experiences are both intuitive and engaging.

With AR on the rise, the demand for skilled AR Experience Designers is booming. In 2023, the average salary for these professionals was relatively close to $100,000.

v) Environmental Data Scientist

Using sophisticated computer programs to crack code within environmental data, like satellites orbiting Earth or sensor networks monitoring forests, these scientists are able to find trends and patterns in the environment.

Moreover, they might track deforestation rates, predict how climate change will affect different regions, or even monitor air and water quality. Their findings are massively important for developing sustainable solutions for environmental challenges and supporting policy decisions that safeguard our planet.

The good news? In 2023, the average salary for an Environmental Data Scientist was more or less over $115,000. Forget the great pay, these scientists have the unique opportunity to make a real difference in the world, using their skills to protect our planet for generations to come.

Environmental Data Scientists can even use satellite imagery to track the illegal poaching of endangered animals! By analyzing satellite data, they can identify unusual patterns in wildlife movement, potentially leading authorities to poachers before they strike.

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