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How To Earn Over $5,000 A Month As A Virtual Workshop Host

People love to talk about things they love… Did you know you can make over $5,000 a month by sharing your passion online?

Share Everything That You Know For Money!

The virtual workshop industry offers not only a platform for sharing knowledge, but also a lucrative avenue for financial growth, where individuals are averaging a salary over $70,000 a month!

This isn’t about throwing together a quick Zoom call and hoping for the best. We’re talking about crafting immersive, impactful experiences which leave audiences reaching for their wallets. The best part about these workshops are that topics can be niche, ranging from education, to cosmetics, all the way to video game tutorials!

The age of freelance working is here, and with it, the chance to transform your expertise into a thriving online business. But how do you become a virtual workshop host who rakes in over $5,000 per month?

Four Secret Strategies

i) Firstly, along with setting a set fee per class, introduce premium workshop offerings with higher price points. These premium membership programs or subscription models have participants pay a recurring fee for ongoing access to exclusive workshops, resources, and content.

ii) Collaboration with other experts, influencers, or brands to co-host workshops increases engagement massively, especially within a younger generation. More than half (55%) of consumers say that they’re more likely to purchase a product if an influencer recommends it. That being said, influencer marketing can be very, very effective if used properly.

iii) Strategically price your workshops based on the value you provide. Consider tiered pricing structures, offering different packages with varying levels of access and benefits. To start, be reasonable with your fees, and if you don’t consumers will be reluctant to sign up for your workshops.

iv) As I mentioned before, effective influencer marketing can help develop a strong online presence. By utilizing social media platforms (TikTok & Instagram), try creating compelling content where consumers can easily “scroll.”

Questions, Comments, Concerns?

Of course, starting off right away, you are not guaranteed to make a ton of money nor have a massive consumer base.

But, as Bill Gates says, “your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” 

Trial and error is the only way to learn, and if you don’t try, you won’t succeed!

Would you consider being a virtual workshop host?