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Is Remote Data Entry A Strong Fit For You?

Data entry is a very flexible job, but it can be repetitive at times. Would you work as data entry keyer? This is what the job entails!

Data Entry Positions Are In High Demand!

Data entry jobs offer low barriers to entry with minimal education required, attracting many job seekers. On top of that, most data entry can be done on a computer, allowing many employees to work hybrid or remotely.

According to Indeed, the median annual salary for a data entry clerk in the US is around $32,000. Though, it can vary greatly depending on experience and location.

On a daily basis, a data entry keyer’s primary responsibility involves entering and updating various types of information. Whether it’s into databases, spreadsheets, or computer systems, they must be precise and accurate. Ranging from customer details, financial records, or inventory data, this information is necessary to the organization’s operations. Additional tasks may also involve correcting data discrepancies, maintaining confidentiality, and organizing data for easy retrieval.

Since work would be at home, meals and commenting costs would be cut down quite a bit. A survey by Global Workplace Analytics reported that 65% of respondents believe they would be more productive working remotely, with 66% citing cost savings as one of the largest benefits.

Growth Potential

While seemingly repetitive, data entry can hone typing speed, accuracy, and attention to detail. These skills are valuable in various other administrative and IT roles, an industry with the highest demand as of now. Moreover, data entry positions offer opportunities to learn specific industry software or data management principles. Thus, in the future, there is career growth with higher salaries.

Repetitive Work and Potential Monotony

Data entry jobs often involve transcribing and organizing large amounts of similar information, which can lead to boredom and feelings of tedium. The repetitiveness can be mentally draining as well as physically straining on the eyes. At times, the lack of variety in tasks can be unfulfilling for individuals who thrive on creative or intellectually stimulating work.

Questions, Comments, Concerns?

What type of work do you prefer: a position in engineering where you use repetitive coding daily or a position as a creative, where you have to develop new ideas everyday?

Let me know what your answer is below!