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The Greatest Music Genres That Enhance Mental Health

Everyone listens to music, whether its classical or heavy metal… It doesn’t matter what it is because it is so good for your well-being!

Practiced In Over 40 Countries (World Federation of Music Therapy)

From Ancient Greece to our digital era, music is recognized for its ability to evoke emotions within medical treatment, as it releases dopamine to the brain!

Now, certified professionals deliver music therapy by managing pain, improving communication, and reducing anxiety, especially within patients who struggle with PTSD.

Whether its in medical hospitals, treatment centers, schools, or drug rehabilitation centers, music has the capability of improving one’s mental health.

Emotional Expression & Regulation

– Therapy, and music in general provides a non-verbal channel for individuals to express and regulate their emotions.

– Music is a “language of the emotions” (Cooke, 1959).

– For instance, singing in the shower or shouting in the car makes you feel alive!

Stress Reduction & Relaxation

– On the other hand, certain musical elements, such as tempo and rhythm, induces a state of relaxation and reduce stress.

Studies show that music therapy interventions have been effective in lowering cortisol levels, a hormone associated with stress.

Enhanced Cognitive Function

– Engaging with music stimulates cognitive functions, including memory and attention.

– Consequently, connectivity within brain cells are increased, which in turn improves cognitive function.

Social Connection and Communication

– Group music therapy sessions promote social interaction and communication skills.

– Moreover, besides conversing with people who similar music tastes, this sort of therapy gives individuals a voice and confidence.

Genres Proven To Be Beneficial

i) Classical Music

    • The soothing and structured nature of classical music has been associated with stress reduction.

ii) Ambient Music

    • Since nature sounds and ambient music create a calming atmosphere, relaxation and sleep becomes so much more natural.

iii) Upbeat & Energetic Music

    • By listening to more upbeat and energetic music, you are enhancing your mood and motivation.

iv) Personalized Playlist Interventions

    • Lastly, creating playlists that align with individual preferences can have a more strong impact on well-being.

Questions, Comments, Concerns?

So, how often do you listen to music?

According to “Spotify Wrapped,” I listened to over 200 hours over music in 2023!

Does listening to music feel therapeutic to you?