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Never Skip Leg Day | How To Apply Stairs At Home

Never skip leg day! Unless for some reason your local gym is closed… I bet you didn’t know this about your stairs at home…

Did You Know?

On average, you can burn 25-30 calories just from running up and down the stairs for one minute!

So, if you have a staircase in your home or complex, you may not need to have a treadmill to burn calories.

Basic Exercises

  • Walking Lunges – Step up one stair at a time with one leg, bringing your other knee almost to the ground before stepping up with it. Repeat with the other leg. You should feel the burn in your quad and hip muscles.
  • Side Stepping – Stand sideways to the stairs and step up one level at a time with each foot, alternating sides. Again, the quads should be activated.
  • Step-Ups – Use the stairs as a step platform. Step up onto one stair with your right foot, bringing your left foot to meet it. Slowly step back down and repeat with the other leg. Now, you should feel this in your calf muscles.

Tik Tok fitness sensation, Camilla Akbas reveals that 30 minutes of these stair exercises not only strengthened her legs, but she saw results with more toned abs as well.

More Advanced Exercises

  • Walking High Knees – Walk up the stairs as quickly as possible while raising your knees as high as you can with each step. This will gauge your hip muscles.
  • Box Jumps – Use the first or second step as a platform to jump onto. Land softly and step back down. Be careful with this one, and do not rush.
  • Walking Squats – Walk up the stairs as you would normally, but squat deeply before stepping onto each stair.

The Cardiovascular Benefits of Stair Exercises

The best part about these exercises are that they are calisthenic, meaning that they use your individual weight as a mean of resistance.

i) Elevated Heart Rate

As you ascend and descend stairs, your heart rate naturally increases, providing an effective cardiovascular workout. An elevated heart rate helps improve cardiovascular endurance over time, contributing to a healthier heart and enhanced overall cardiovascular health.

ii) Caloric Burn

Stair exercises engage large muscle groups, leading to a higher caloric expenditure compared to many other forms of cardio. Moreover, this can make stair workouts an efficient option for those aiming to burn calories and maintain a healthy weight!

iii) Improved Circulation

In short, rhythmic motion of stair climbing enhances blood circulation throughout the body. Improved circulation supports cardiovascular health by ensuring that oxygen and nutrients are efficiently delivered to muscles and organs.

Questions, Comments, Concerns

So, if its raining outside or if you don’t have access to a gym, why not use the stairs?

Although there are many options for cardio or ways to lose weight, the stairs are a convenience for those who do not have the option.

I hope that this was helpful and if these stair workouts are working for you, let me know!