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5 States In America With The Best Mental Health

Why is mental health so important? Do environmental factors affect one’s well being? Let’s find out based on the happiest states in America.

Is There A Correlation?

Have you ever wondered if where you live might affect your mental health? It turns out, it absolutely can! While happiness can be found anywhere with the right mindset, some states offer more resources and features that create a supportive environment for mental well-being.


So, in order to determine the top states, I considered a combination of factors which directly influence mental health…

– Access to Mental Health Care

This includes the number of psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists per capita, along with wait times for appointments and mental health parity laws.

– Mental Health Outcomes

Rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide were evaluated through surveys to assess the overall mental health of the population.

– Lifestyle Factors

Sunshine hours, access to green spaces, physical activity rates, and overall cost of living were included, as these factors influence mental well-being.

i) Hawaii

Firstly and boasting the top spot, Hawaii shines with its commitment to mental health.

  • Initiatives like the Hawaii Mental Health Parity Act and culturally responsive mental health programs demonstrate a commitment to well-being.
  • With abundant sunshine and a strong emphasis on outdoor activities, Hawaii fosters a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Hawaii boasts the lowest adult depression rate (6.7%) and suicide rate (7.2 per 100,000) in the US (according to MHANational 2021 data).

ii) Vermont

Vermont consistently ranks high in overall well-being, and mental health is no exception.

  • Vermont has a good ratio of mental health professionals to residents, with active efforts to expand access in rural areas.
  • Mental health parity laws and initiatives like the Vermont Blueprint for Mental Health demonstrate a commitment to mental well-being.
  • Not only that, but Vermont fosters a strong sense of community, which can be a buffer against mental health challenges.
  • Vermont has a relatively low adult depression rate (8.4%) and a suicide rate (9.5 per 100,000) below the national average (MHANational 2021).

iii) Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a strong contender, offering a robust mental health care system and a vibrant lifestyle.

  • Personally, I believe the vibrant arts and cultural scene in cities like Boston provides opportunities for enrichment and stress reduction.
  • Massachusetts has a moderate adult depression rate (9.5%) and a suicide rate (12.2 per 100,000) below the national average (MHANational 2021).

iv) Utah

Utah prioritizes mental health by offering a supportive environment and access to care.

  • Since Utah boasts strong family and community ties, it provides a protective factor against mental health challenges.
  • Certainly, with stunning national parks and outdoor recreation opportunities, Utah encourages a connection with nature, beneficial for mental health.
  • Utah has a moderate adult depression rate (9.9%) and a suicide rate (18.3 per 100,000) that requires further attention (MHANational 2021).

v) Minnesota

Finally, Minnesota rounds out our top five with a well-rounded approach to mental health.

  • The state offers a variety of mental health services, including inpatient, outpatient, and teletherapy options.
  • Because of the high physical activity rates in the state, overall well-being is increased.
  • Minnesota has a moderate adult depression rate (9.8%) and a suicide rate (11.9 per 100,000) below the national average (MHANational

Where Would You Go For Vacation?

What do you think that these places have in common?

A majority of these states are very scenic and offer outdoor activities.

So, where would you travel to or live in, if you had a choice?

Let’s discuss and let me know what you think in the comments!